Prosper Wknd will take place at Menla, a private nature & wellness reserve in the Catskills of NY.

  • 6 organic and home-grown vegetarian meals

  • Comfortable lodging in a variety of room options

  • 325 acres of pristine mountain forests, with hiking trails and wildlife

  • Learning, sharing, and experimenting with the building blocks of communal prosperity

  • Nourishing connection and chill time with ~70 other wonderful humans

    More info coming soon....

How do I join?
  1. Express your interest by answering these questions via Twitter or Google Form by August 12.
  2. We will confirm space availability with you by Aug 16.
  3. You will be invited to register to confirm your spot.

Please note that expression of interest is not confirmation of attendance, but the first step to register. If there are more people interested than spots available, then folks will be selected at random to participate.

How are folks vetted? Are there any criteria I should be aware of?

The main criteria for applicants is alignment with the ProsperDAO mission + principles, as exemplified through the expression of interest. To maintain equity and inclusion in our smallish group, we prefer to cap the number of participants per organization to 2.

Rooming options

Menla has a variety of comfortable accommodations available, ranging from single to shared rooms. Check out their lovely rooms here. Upon registering for the retreat, you will have the opportunity to express your rooming preferences and any special needs. We will then book your room on your behalf, and share with you the booking details in late August.

Gifting economy

Prosper Wknd is adopting a gift economy model to embody our principles of inclusion and sufficiency.

The expectation is for participants to gift an amount that feels comfortable to pay, in accordance with their means. The total costs for this weekend experience are around ~$1500 USD per person.

Our hope is that this model makes participation possible to those with greater financial need. Gift contributions will be made directly to the ProsperDAO treasury.

In addition to monetary gifts, we have a limited amount of event support roles we’d love to get filled (photographer, videographer, content coordinator, etc.) You will have the opportunity to volunteer for one of these roles during the registration process.

In truth, your presence is a gift :) As is your energy, your time, your attention, and your voice. We hope to celebrate the gift that is you during our wknd together.

COVID Requirements

In order to maintain a safe space for participants and onsite staff, Menla requires that all participants either a) are vaccinated, in which case proof of vaccination will be required from at least 14 days prior to the event, or b) show proof of a negative COVID test prior to the event.

Travel expenses

Travel expenses are not covered by ProsperDAO. However, we will arrange for shuttle bus transportation from NYC to the Menla location.

Financial Aid Assistance

There will be a place to specify in your registration form if you’re in need of financial aid, and we will do our best to meet this need.